Hello I am David M. Lorenz

Filmmaker. Film Distributor. Digital Nomad.

And I am 

living since 1985
making up stories since 1988
writing stories since 1992
drawing comics since 1993
shooting films since 1995
working for the movies since 2001
excessive travelling since 2005
working as a film distributor since 2014
a digital nomad since 2015
writing a blog since 2019



I was born in 1985 in the south of Germany, where I shot my first short film at the age of eight.

After Highschool, I enjoyed numerous trips around the world and jobs in almost all positions behind the camera. As well as the studies of „Theatre-, Film- and Media” in Vienna and “Audiovisual Media” (specializing in film direction) in Berlin, which I graduated with honours.

The short films, written and directed by me – fictional and documentary – have been shown at more than 600 festivals, in more than 80 countries worldwide and have received numerous awards.

I am currently living and working in Tehran and Berlin.


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